It had to start somewhere

When you’re first starting a business it’s always stressful to think about where your next project will come from. And honestly even now after over 4 years of running this business I still wonder some months where the next project will come from. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s pretty stressful. But it always works out exactly how it’s supposed to.

I still remember our first project with our newly started company like it was yesterday. We got a call from a friend who had a friend who needed some work done. That’s how it happens. And that is how it has continued to happen since the beginning. Without our interference we have been provided for and grown as a business and as a family.

Our first project was a 16′ x 16′ concrete paver patio area. And we were tremendously grateful for it. The patio was being installed in a fenced backyard which appeared to have a double gate so we could easily drive the trailer of materials through for drop off. Chris picked up the materials and drove to the project house to deliver and it was then that he found that one side of the double gate was stationary and would not move. So he did what any good self respecting contractor on his first project would do. He carried by hand, with the help of a wheel barrel, almost 5,400 pounds, or 2.5 tons, of concrete pavers and concrete in 80 degree weather by himself. Just for some perspective over the course of 2 days he carried an adult black rhinoceros 50 yards.


Needless to say he lost 27 pounds during that project and learned some really great lessons. The first being, always check that the double gate opens before delivering concrete pavers by yourself. Second, pay for the delivery charge on materials, it’s worth it in the long run and for self preservation. And lastly, we officially completed our first project and it was a huge success.




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