All things happen for a reason

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be recapping some of our favorite projects from the past 4 years. The first is a bath project we completed in 2016. The inspiration for this bathroom came from the owners thoughts that they collected on Pinterest. Online tools are great ways to generate ideas and then the hard work is trying to find the right materials to get a similar look. The products for this project were found online at,, and locally.

Touhey Bath Often when looking at a remodel project you don’t really know what’s behind the walls until you open them up. Sometimes you open up walls on demo day and everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be, however sometimes there are structural issues, mold or even plumbing or electrical issues from previous work that has been completed. The unknown is the scary part of construction for homeowners, however with the right contractor the entire remodeling process is manageable and usually pretty painless.

Unfortunately, there are moments in this business when accidents do happen. On this project, while working on the plumbing, we encountered a leak which caused some water damage to the ceiling in the living room below. We quickly pulled down the drywall and began the replacement process, but when we took a closer look at one of the main support beams for the home we realized that the beam had a crack running through it which could cause major damage to that home if not corrected. This is also when we realized that everything happens for a reason and sometimes an accident happens so that other items can be found and corrected before something much worse happens. Once we got the supports all reinforced and replaced we were able to get back to rebuilding this amazing bathroom.

The homeowners wanted to create a luxury shower space so we created an oversized area, added a few wall jets in addition to the rain shower head, and a hand shower handle. We also created a cove to allow for the recessed lighting within the shower area.

13335859_1098900313508943_13152463882029023_n (1)

In this shower we used floor to ceiling white subway tiles with a dark gray grout and black matte hexagon tiles with white grout. Word of caution when using white subway tiles with dark gray grout; the clear glaze on the subway tiles can occasionally have hairline fractures in them which you can’t see until after you put the dark gray grout over the top. We had to remove about 10 tiles and replace them to ensure that this shower was perfect.


For the vanity we used a wood grain drawer and shelf unit with a Carrara Marble countertop including backsplash. All the plumbing fixtures were Delta Trinsic in champaign bronze and we were able to find lights and accessories to match.

This bathroom was so much fun to work on and the finished product is absolutely beautiful. The best part of this bathroom is knowing that even though there were challenges along the way, learning that sometimes things happen for a reason and being able to end up with a better finished product for our customers is what this business is all about.


4 thoughts on “All things happen for a reason

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  1. Where did the black matte hexagon tiles come from & what are their size? Remodeling our bathroom & I love the look of the white subway tiles with wood vanity & black flooring!


    1. Hello Amy, Thanks for reaching out. They are from Wayfair called Langston 10″ x 11″ Porcelain Concrete Look Wall & Floor Tile

      Yes, many of our customers love that look. Good luck on your remodel!!



    1. This vanity was from It was actually two vanities that we connected together, then bought the countertop from a local fabricator. Not sure if they offer this vanity style but they probably have something close.


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