Bringing the outside in

Increasing the indoor living space is a common issue homeowners face. After this home was purchased the homeowners determined that the existing outdoor living area would be better served as a living room and after some evaluation it was pretty easy to accommodate that request.

After going through the HOA for approvals and getting necessary permits we were able to get started on turning this outdoor living space into a comfortable interior room.


Heating and cooling the area was definitely a concern going into this remodel project and arrangements had to be made to manage the load. By incorporating a mini unit on the exterior wall for cooling we were able to ensure that the addition didn’t overload the existing systems.


We utilized the existing oversized doors and windows for the new exterior door opening because they matched the design of house and were in great condition. With the help of some strong guys we were able to relocate those doors and after some paint they looked amazing.


Continuity to the rest of the home was important, so we created an oversized doorway from the foyer into the new living area. We also wanted there to be plenty of light in the evening so we added rope lights into the skylight trim.


The exterior was a combination of  brick and natural stone to tie-in with what was already on the home.

We also increased the size of the concrete patio and added a soaking pond to create an additional play area and re-stained the existing patio to match.


The finished product was beautiful and exactly what the homeowners wanted to create more space for their family.


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