Storm chasing

In the midwest crazy storms seem like they happen everyday in the spring. This next project will forever be one we remember as our first close encounter with a tornado. This project included two phases, phase 1 was remodeling the floors and walls to include new 3×6 white subway tile with chair rail to match on the walls and mini hexagon tile mesh with dark charcoal grout on the floor. It also included upgrading the previous garden tub to a beautiful clawfoot tub and new toilet!


While we were on the way to provide the estimate for Phase 2 of the project we found ourselves in front of a pretty large storm that was getting closer and closer. While we were still 30 minutes from the home the tornado sirens started going off in the towns we were driving through and off in the distance we could see the tornado that was on the ground.


Luckily it was still pretty far away, but as we were driving we were watching the radar and the storm was still right behind us and headed our way. Right as we arrived at the home to take a look at phase 2, the sky went dark. Everyone was doing exactly what they tell you not to do, which is standing under the carport watching the storm.


Then just like the stories you hear, you could actually hear what sounded like a train that comes before the tornado, so I quickly put the kids in the tornado shelter and sure enough the tornado went right by their house. Thankfully there was no damage to their home or around where we were and everyone was safe.

Of all the estimates we have been on, this was by far the most interesting!

Once phase 2 which included drywall repair work was completed this bathroom was finally complete and it was absolutely gorgeous.

We will forever be grateful to the hospitality the homeowners showed us during that crazy storm and helping to keep us all safe.



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