Sometimes it’s just a toilet

Sometimes we take on handyman projects to help people out when they are unable to get to items on their honey-do lists. They range from simple installs to organizers or just making their life more comfortable. We enjoy taking care of our customers from large remodels to easy installs. Below are a few simple items that we updated for people over the years.

Here we installed a new toilet and taught the homeowner how to best approach toilet installs. Now they can tackle a toilet install if they need to in the future.


This project involved hanging garage organizers to help get things off the ground for a customer. As I mentioned, some items are pretty simple but necessary.


This next project we added a TV to the bathroom and incorporated a ground outlet for a middle of the room light fixture.

Often there is an empty space in your home that would be better suited with a little change. This area was tucked behind a door so we added a hanging light and built a custom desk to fit the space which turned it into the perfect craft area.


Another client needed a back row of fence put in at one of their rental properties. Below is a pretty simple fence install.

This is a project made just for me. It was made using some scrap wood left over from projects and it turned out perfect for my flower pots.

10615560_853187514746892_351824421285141564_n (1)

The final project I’m going to showcase is a wood refinishing project. As we helped prep a home for sale this is one of the items on their punch list to get completed.  We sanded, patched and stained the garage stairs.


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