Snails can be pets

We don’t always work close to home, sometimes we can work up to 2 hours away. This next project we completed in Eagle Rock, Missouri right on Table Rock Lake. The location was absolutely beautiful and created some interesting adventures along the way. Due to the long drive we often found ourselves working until the very late hours of the evening.


Every night we saw some kind of animal on the drive home.  Sometimes we saw deer, fox, BEAR and one evening we saw a buck and his doe on the side of the road and just as we were passing by he decided to jump out into the road taking out the entire passenger side of our truck. Casualty of construction and dark winding roads near the lake! Thankfully we found a great body shop and they were able to make our truck look brand new!


This home was a vacation home for a large family and after having it or many years they finally decided to give it some upgrades. We gutted the main living area and kitchen to put in all new floors and updated the kitchen with new cabinets, appliances and finishes.


The homeowners selected the Cali Bamboo Mocha Eucalyptus for the floors because of the beautiful color and long-lasting durability. These floors, and more specifically the baseboard, was so hard that we had to switch to a tougher nail gun. A tip with using the Cali Bamboo is to be sure and order the “fix kit”. Though they are super tough, the coating on the top layer turns white when it scratches, but the fix fit they have makes them look brand new again and it’s as easy as wiping with the special solution and cloth.


The cabinets were a beautiful knotty wood in ginger snap with under cabinet and in cabinet lighting, and the quartz countertops and backsplash were the perfect way to finish out the space.


They added great accessories for organization including retractable shelving, silverware holders and baking sheet racks.


We updated the spiral staircase with a new durable carpet to make it easier to move up and down the steps.


In the basement we moved over the large entry door and expanded the glass to create more lake view. We used the Marvin Integrity stainable interior door and windows.

16113910_1297275280338111_8496308555252173233_n On our last day here the kids came out and enjoyed playing in the grass near the lake.  As they went on their treasure hunt they found a snail that earned it’s way back home with us. The kids named the snail Tattoo and he lived with us for about a month before we set him free. He ate kale, tomatoes, apples and had quite a life while he was our pet.


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