The Scary Unknown

Bathrooms are one of those items for remodelers where you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you open a wall and it’s clean, dry and doesn’t need remediation; though most often when you open the walls of an old home it looks a bit like these pictures.

This bathroom had rotted sink plumbing, 4 layers of moldy flooring, holes in the walls which included old trash including about 1,000 used razors from about 50 years ago, rotted flooring under the toilet and broken plaster behind the shower surround.

After spending time remediating this bathroom, fixing old plumbing and salvaging things like the toilet and tub, we started rebuilding. We started by correcting the floor, putting up new drywall and prepping the tub for a new surround.

For the tile we put in 1 inch matte black and white hexagon tiles with a Delorean gray grout.

The shower surround is a classic white with a few shelves to make storage easy. For the shower we also installed a Moen 3 way shower head and tub filler in chrome.

The vanity is a Kohler kit which includes the base and sink in a bright white. It is perfect for this space and provided storage in the large cabinet are below. The faucet is updated to a Delta Silverton in chrome.

Lighting is updated to be a Kichler double light with Edison LED lights in clear. The mirror is bright white wood trimmed to match the vanity base.

This bathroom for sure had its challenges due to water damage, however now it’s all cleaned up, brand new and gorgeous.

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