House Hunting

If only searching for houses was as easy as watching House Hunters, where there are only three houses that somewhat meet your criteria to choose from, but reality is much more difficult. We chose quite possibly the worst time of year to buy a house, Fall/Winter. Not only was the supply of homes in the area we wanted slim picking, but the house prices were inflated to the point where we had doubts that the home would appraise for what the homeowners were asking.

After much searching through online portals, we narrowed to a house we thought would be great for our family. The first house we went through we saw some pretty glaring issues, but considering what was out there, we decided to place an offer. After a bit of negotiating, the contract was signed and now we had to wait to see if this house was going to pass inspection.

The inspection came back with quite a few issues that we decided could cause some long-term problems, so we opted to decline the contract and go back to looking for other houses.


While we were having a blast (mild sarcasm) with house hunting, there was still remodeling to be done! Phase 2 of the large project we were working on was the laundry/mudroom upgrade. We had custom cabinets built along the laundry wall and stacked the washer and dryer to allow for more space. The area on the interior wall side was built so that it could be expanded once we started on Phase 3.

Absolute Black Granite, Custom Cabinets, Chevron marble tile


Near the entry door we added locker storage which created a bench area as well. The cabinet color is High-Reflective White with Chrome handles.


The floor is a 12 x 24 natural marble with Silverado grout.


The granite countertop and bench in lockers are absolute black and the backsplash is a marble herringbone. To add to the functionality of the laundry room, an undermount stainless steel sink and high arch faucet from Moen were included.


The wall color is Benjamin Moore Seapearl with Sherwin Williams High Reflective White moulding. We incorporated dimmable undercabinet lighting and added dimmable can LED lights to the ceiling.

The Laundry/Mudroom Upgrade that was completed turned out perfect and the finishes selected by the designer were amazing.

An update on the house hunting:

After raising our budget a bit, we ended up going through over 20 houses on our search. Geez, there were some doozies, and soooo many cat houses out there. If I learned anything from house searching, it’s that you should never have a cat in your home. Sorry cat lovers, but nothing ruins a home sale more than the nasty smell of cats. There were some houses that were in bad shape, asking more than any other house on the street. It begs the question, what are these people thinking? And why aren’t their realtors talking sense into them? There were at least 5 houses we never even walked past the front door, just bad!

We finally narrowed to a few options, option 1 go back to the original house we put an offer in on with a much lower offer, option 2 build a brand new townhouse with HOA fees that were way too high, or option 3 make an offer on a gorgeous like new house with no driveway or yard.

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