The Appliance Whisperer

Thankfully, our basement is still unfinished due to the flooding we experienced a few months ago, so when water started pouring out of the washing machine it didn’t damage anything. After taking a look at it, Chris told me to just call an appliance repair person because he doesn’t know anything about fixing appliances. So, I looked online for a few people to call. After learning that the cost is $80 an hour for a service call I did what any self-respecting person in the middle of a remodel would do – I took that washing machine apart myself to find the leak!!

After opening the washing machine I was able to locate the area that was leaking. It was the water inlet for the pre-wash. (Which I only learned because I looked the part up at LG online!! Also, I might add, I have never looked inside a washing machine before and they really aren’t as complex as I thought.)


Once I found the leak I had Chris confirm my findings and then we tried to locate a new part. After calling an appliance part supplier locally they told me the part was $60. So, I continued to search online and found the exact part I needed on Amazon for $17.95, plus shipping it was under $25 with 2 day shipping.


When the mail came today I opened up the part and started installing it. The trickiest part was moving the clamps around the hoses, but with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver the install was simple. I was able to loosen the clamps, and attach the hoses to the new valves, I inserted the fuse plugs, and reattached the water. It took me about 10 minutes to get the new part in. I ran a load of wash with everything open to ensure it was water tight and after it finished I put it all back together.

DIY washing machine leak fixed! Now on to washing the pile of laundry.


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