New Sliding Window

So…the house we bought had an original 50s picture window in the kitchen. One word…freezing. It was such a drafty window and was not energy efficient at all. Since we knew we would be replacing it as part of the kitchen remodel Chris wanted to tackle that first. Conveniently on the very coldest day of the year was the day he chose! Seriously!!!

He removed the large picture window and then had to reframe the new window area because we replaced it with a smaller over the sink window.

It was so so cold in the kitchen so we hung drop clothes in the walkway from the living room to the kitchen and managed to keep the rest of the house warm. Miracle!!

The new window is perfect for when we relocate the new sink. We chose a Silver Line by Andersen vinyl sliding window so it would be easier to open and close. We wanted to create a large picture frame around the new window which will match the new exterior plans we have for the home. We utilized Azek traditional trim boards to achieve this look.

I totally love this window! And then…real life happened…and a BB bullet went through the exterior pane of glass this summer. Lucky for me I know a guy who can replace the window! 😉

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