Shed Addition

I can’t believe it’s already fall. How did that happen? No, seriously…how? Seems like time gets faster and faster every year!

With pumpkin spice in the air and Christmas in the stores, I realized there have been many projects that we’ve worked on this year that I haven’t shared with you yet. Of course, we are still working on our own home renovations, and those updates will be coming soon. However, I’m going to try and get caught up in the next few weeks by recapping some of the awesome projects we’ve worked on for our customers this year.

To get started, I wanted to share an outdoor project that we worked on in the spring.

Our customer needed help with a shed addition. They had previously poured the concrete pad, so we had to tie-in to the existing structure and build out the new space. This addition allowed for quick access to the riding mower and much more storage.

IMG_5548 2

The best part of all our projects isn’t necessarily the structures we build, or the new designs we bring to life, but it’s the relationships that are built along the way. We are so grateful to our customers and even more excited that we have a new set of friends who we can enjoy this life with.

IMG_5549 2

You don’t often get to see Chris wearing non-work clothes, so I thought I’d provide a little sneak peak of Chris playing giant Jenga at a Summer Bash at this customers house. What a fun evening!


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