Gray Bathroom

The world gets smaller everyday! But when it does, the new people you get to meet make it well worth it. This project is exactly that! One of the very first clients 1 Great Space Construction had while in Springfield, MO was a woman who grew up in Hamburg, NY.  What are the odds of that? So when we relocated last year to the Buffalo area and she heard her brother was having issues with getting their project completed, she put them in touch with us.

They had a bathroom that had been worked on by a previous contractor who they weren’t pleased with, so it had been sitting for several months untouched. First, we needed to complete the drywall repair and then begin putting the bathroom back together.

Sheet Vinyl.JPG

We installed sheet vinyl flooring which had a pattern like long gray tile. Sheet vinyl has really come a long way in looks and performance over the years.


We added a new acrylic tub/shower with surround which added more storage shelves for shower soaps.

Granite countertop.JPG

The homeowner selected this gorgeous dark vanity with granite countertop that we installed.


They also wanted to replace an old window with a new vinyl window to complete this beautiful bathroom upgrade.

We are so grateful that our Springfield and Hamburg worlds collided with this project and to be a part of a new extended family in town.


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