Tile Bath/Shower

Sometimes when people hire us to work on their home remodeling project, they live through the remodeling. It’s often challenging for them because sometimes that means they don’t have a kitchen or toilet, or in this instance, a shower!

Demo Shower.JPG

This homeowner decided the best way to deal with remodeling, was to head to Disney World. Visiting the happiest place on earth while your shower is being upgraded is genius! Maybe I need to consider that while my home is being remodeled!! Ok…just kidding, who can spend forever in Disney World? LOL

So in early September, we removed a standard acrylic shower and turned it into a beautiful tile surround with deep bathtub.

Shower Tile.JPG

The tub is the Kohler Bancroft alcove with integrated apron. This is the perfect tub to take baths, but it’s not so tall that you can’t easily step into it. It also has a little more decorative design to the top ledge. Though, the ledge isn’t wide enough to easily double as a shelf without risk of stuff sliding down into the tub, so we built a niche with a wide ledge to allow for shower shampoos, soaps, etc.

Shower Tile2.JPG

Shower Tile 3.JPG

The tiles are 12 x 24 flat taupe color, with accent natural stone and granite in the niche.

Shower Tile 4.JPG


Sometimes homeowners have design ideas, but they want someone to bounce those ideas off of. In this instance, the homeowner wanted to update their bath lighting, wall paint and decor.  The shower/toilet area had a builder grade light and the homeowner wanted something a little more decorative.  They settled on the Helina 3-light Semi Flush Mount in Polished Nickel/Slate Gray Fabric from Wayfair.

Decor.JPGVanity Light.JPG

The vanity light was also a builder grade fixture with very little charm, so the homeowner wanted to upgrade the light to the Aldrich 5-light Vanity from Wayfair.

This was a simple remodeling project and the homeowners are now enjoying their beautiful and relaxing bathroom.

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