Childhood home (part 1)

I have looked at this house for 40 years!! It was the home I lived in growing up and that my parents still live in. It has seen its fair share of food fights, Sunday spaghetti dinners, bacon that caught fire in the frying pan and explosive candy thermometers!!

It had a very unique green color palette and even as a child I wanted to update it. Well…that time is now and I am sooooo excited. Last fall we started planning this project with my parents…plotting what we would do, colors, types of materials, and this week we have kicked off the project.

Here are some of the before pictures of the dark cabinets with green tile backsplash and white laminate countertop.

And… I know you won’t miss the green linoleum flooring.

For this project we are updating the cabinets, putting in new tile backsplash, fresh wall paint, new laminate floors, white electrical outlets and countertops. We are also updating the entry, hallway and half bath with tile flooring. (Just wait till you see the existing bathroom floor tile!!)

I will share the actual product selections, design and color choices in a later post.

Planning out a kitchen where you are only replacing the cabinet doors and refinishing the boxes is much more difficult than just replacing the complete cabinet boxes. Every measurement, down to the 1/16th of an inch needs to be perfect. Once you place the order you can’t send it back…so it is very nerve racking. Luckily, I have an amazing cabinet designer I work with at Home Depot, Jocelyn, who takes time to go through everything with me line by line in full detail.

For this kitchen we are going with American Woodmark Portola style doors in Truffle. The new cabinet doors are maple instead of red oak and they are lighter than the existing so we are doing a little different technique than usual to match the new doors. We are painting them! This is highly unusual, however for this application it is the best option.

The first thing that we did for demo was focus on getting the cabinet doors off so we can start prepping the cabinet boxes. This includes sanding, hole filling, and touching up rough areas. Then we used a deglosser over all the cabinets to help with adhesion of the paint.

Next step was a bit more demo and prep work! We pulled out the backsplash and replaced the drywall areas to prepare for the new backsplash.

Then we primed the cabinet boxes to prep for paint! This was hilarious because I was able to play a little prank on the homeowners (aka my parents!!!) and told them we painted their cabinets white instead of dark clove!!! LOL…if only I had caught that on video!!

Follow our remodel progress over the next few weeks to see this project once it’s done.

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