Bathroom minor update

We have officially been in this area for over a year and it’s crazy to think about all the projects we’ve been able to work on already. We are blessed by the wonderful people of Hamburg and the drive by the lake everyday…is like a dream.

This latest project we finished early this year was a total partnership with the homeowner. She wanted to do portions of the project herself and have us help where she wasn’t comfortable. In case you’re wondering, yes, of course we work with people this way!!! This doesn’t happen often, but when people want to get hands-on during their project we make sure they are set up for success, it is after all their home!

During this project we completed some wall shifts and drywall, installed a new window, shower, vanity, and new toilet. Here are some in process images, sadly I didn’t get any true before pictures.

Below are some images showing the new window, shower and toilet. These are not quite the finished images…but our picture taking on this project was a little lacking. I promise we will do better on the next one!

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