Restoration fixer upper

Finishing a renovation is a lot like planning a wedding!! You plan for the day, you organize every little detail and put the perfect design together and then the day happens and it’s a blur, you can’t remember if you ate, danced or said hello to everyone!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Then at the end of the evening you are still on that high of having to get everything pulled together. That is what it’s like completing a home renovation, and that is how I feel tonight. In a home renovation the big day is completion day…and today was just that!! It was all hands on deck, do what you need to get done…

Just 4 months ago we went to a job site that had pipes freeze and burst and the aftermath looked like this…

I often say that water is the death of houses, and it really is!! Sometimes you do an estimate and it’s pretty straight forward…but this house was a combination of two houses joined together from different eras with nooks and crannies everywhere.

In order to turn this house back into a home we had to do some major planning. So I tackled the kitchen design first.

Home remodeling design plans

Designing a kitchen isn’t easy, you have to ensure there is plenty of space for walk-throughs, lighting locations that are functional and aligned and appliance locations easily accessible when being used and most of all…it all needs to be gorgeous!!!

Kitchen design and remodeling

My favorite part of this, and really any project, is product and material selection. Below are a few items we used in this project. I will note those in detail later.

Kitchen decor ideas for Frank Lloyd Wright style kitchen

Once you have a design plan and materials selected…it’s time to get to work!!

We had to build out an extension wall to create wall space for the appliances and incorporate additional storage. Chris tackled that addition by closing in the oversized walkway to the living room…this is going to be the new home to a pizza oven!!! πŸ•

Kitchen remodeling

When we first saw this kitchen we nicknamed it the Starship Enterprise!!! It had A LOT of can lights!!! 😳

Can light removal and switch to LED

We removed them!!! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Why were there so many lights in this kitchen???? πŸ˜‚

With framing, rough electrical, and rough plumbing well underway, it was time to start putting this house back together…on to the glitter of home improvement!!! Drywall…

There were so many different ceiling elevations in the kitchen so we consolidated them and created more of a unified style.

Projects always start to look a little better after the primer goes on. Just seems cleaner and more like a home when you don’t see pipes, insulation and wiring!

Next up is installing the cabinets…the cabinets are Kraftmaid Hayward Cherry Chocolate. Kraftmaid makes it so easy to install by providing an installation kit with all the screws and clips you would need to install everything. Sadly…this time there were so many boxes (86) we didn’t find the installation kit until all the cabinets were set!!! Haha. At least we have some for next time!!

And now…this is what we have been working on around the clock for the last month.

The wall color is SW Morris Room Gray and the trim is BM Chantily Lace. The floors are Pergo Engineered Wood in Griffin Oak. As you will see we built up the staircase to be finished in wood by creating risers, treads and stairnosing. On the stairs these are not used as a floating floor, just as a nailed down wood product for stability.

The carpet is Lifeproof in Rodeo and is so soft and comfortable. When they were putting in the carpet pad it looked like a blue ocean in the middle of the living room.

We painted the existing gold fireplace matte black and added river rock to surround the fireplace. Chris tirelessly held these rocks in place as he set them and I had a little help adding the filler.

We switched out all the can lights to LEDs and changed the core room lights to 6″ Halo dimmable lights.

The ceiling fan is absolutely beautiful. It is the 52″ Loken Craftsman Stained Glass fan and it matches the Frank Lloyd Wright decor that the homeowner loves.

And then there is this GE Monogram Hearth Oven!! The homeowner decided to splurge on this really cool kitchen feature and it does not disappoint. We were lucky enough for her to prepare us a fresh made pizza on the last day and it was amazing.

The GE Monogram appliance suite is pretty cool. The hood has integrated food warming lights and the stove has a griddle for making pancakes!! The cabinets include deep drawers, side spice drawers and bottle storage. And the South Beach wall mounted pot filler makes this area complete.

The microwave and oven combination work perfectly in this space with a pull out cabinet, oversized drawers and large countertop to create a spacious cooking area. (Don’t mind the missing handles…we are waiting for those to arrive any day!! Needed a few more. πŸ˜‰)

Food storage definitely won’t be an issue in this kitchen with a 39″ floor to ceiling pantry with giant pull-out shelves and countertop cabinets for storage.

The GE Monogram 48″ flush inset mounted refrigerator, this looks really pretty but it’s not without a whole lot of trouble. In order to have this flush inset mounted Chris had to build a special cove out of filler strips to allow the doors to swing. This is the only way to make the doors work and not outlined well in the specifications.

Lucky for this fridge Chris isn’t a handyman…he is a craftsman!!! This is unbelievable work thanks to my wonderful guy. This area also includes a bar sink for a coffee station.

The countertops are Quartz Nimbus and are a subtle gray color with flecks of white and darker gray. We incorporated a trash pullout into this island and used a Blanco composite black undermount sink with a Concord spray faucet.

We added legs to the island to create a larger seating area and to support the 22″ bar top this will serve as the main eating area in the kitchen.

Pendant lights over the island add a beautiful accent and match the Frank Lloyd Wright style of the decor.

This project was so much fun to work on. Everyone who worked tirelessly on this project did an amazing job. True team effort to pull it together…thank you Tom, Brad, Jocelyn, Kyle, Nick, Sam, Josh, Brad, Brian, Jeff, Don and Chris for knocking this one out of the park.

I also want to thank the homeowner for allowing us to work on this project. For allowing some crazy late hours, fun chats and adventures in bunnies and Homer!!! I will miss chasing those sneaky bunnies around and throwing the ball to Homer. There are also two little people who will miss playing with ‘Air Bud’!!!

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