Updated bathroom and kitchen

We absolutely love being in Hamburg, we run into people all the time that I’ve known growing up and it’s so much fun. What’s always interesting is catching up on 20 years takes so short a time and it feels like just a blink of time has passed. It’s crazy how that works.

So when this homeowner reached out, and all the memories of kick the can and capture the flag in the neighborhood came flooding back, of course we wanted to be involved in their remodel project on the street I grew up in. The neighborhood before it became over run with new homes was the quintessential neighborhood to grow up in, no through-streets, tall fields with wild strawberry and raspberry picking, treehouses we would play in, running from house to house to go swimming. So many fun memories of growing up on our street.

Well, this house just needed an update, 30 years will do that to a well-loved house!

Here are a few before pictures:

For this project, we updated the kitchen floors from the original linoleum to the Pergo XP in Haley Oak.

Then we painted the green walls with Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl (OC-19), which I have come to love in kitchens with wood cabinets, and then we gave the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint.

We updated the vinyl baseboards to a 4.25″ white wood baseboard and transformed the kitchen into a beautiful new space.

The next upgrade was a little larger, they wanted to update the bathroom. We started by selecting the colors and materials.

The bathroom had some water damage so we knew going in that we would need to do some repairs to the framing of the bathroom.

Once the water damage was corrected by replacing 2x4s, adding drywall and replacing the subfloor we were able to get started on the fun stuff!

Next to be completed was the shower, we were switching this house to a standup shower with tile walls. So we put up cement board, a two section niche, and put in the shower pan. The next part is the most important, waterproofing!!

This product creates a membrane over the cement board that protects from water damage. Technically this shower could be used as it is…but it sure is ugly!!!

Now it’s time to turn this into a beautiful shower.

The rest of the bathroom also received an update. The vanity backsplash with a new 2×2 tile to compliment the new shower tile.

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Horizon (OC-53) to make it light and bright.

Once all the drywall touch ups were done, final painting was completed we were ready to put in the floors and do all the finishing touches the make the project come together.

We updated the door casing to painted pine and replaced the vinyl baseboards with 4.25″ painted pine base. The flooring is a luxury plank vinyl in Ocala Oak.

The toilet was replaced with a comfort height elongated Kohler Cimarron.

The shower door is a full glass sliding door with brushed nickel hardware. It is the Mirage-X by Dreamline.

This project was so much fun and we even had a little buddy to keep us company – thanks little SoCo!!

We are so excited to do the next update at this house in the next few months!! It truly is amazing to watch a house go from dated to brand new.

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