Beachy Home Update

This house has the most amazing view of the lake. The breeze is refreshing and the sun sets right on the water. The problem is the house is pretty crooked, well at least it was!!

1 Great Space Construction Beach Kitchen Remodel.

When we met this client, she wanted to make her kitchen bigger, and light and airy to match the outside view. In order to do this, we needed to move a few walls, add some beams and start from scratch on interior of the home. It had some major structural issues, for example, the ceiling dropped approximately 4 inches from front to back and the floor dropped even further. We met with engineers to determine the best path forward and once finalized, we began demo and it was surprise after surprise. The space we were remodeling used to be a garage and clearly, it was not converted by a professional, because there were 2×4’s that didn’t reach to the floor, no headers over windows, AND 2×6 floor and ceiling joists, which was way underrated for the span and load of the 2 story house. The worst part is there is were 2 broken bricks set on top of a piece of water logged wood holding up the center of the house under the staircase…Ugh. Thankfully, all these before pictures are a thing of the past.

We added 2×10 framing for all floor joists, sistered 2×6 lvls in the ceiling, added steel beams, spanned lvl beams, and support joists where necessary, and now the floor is level, the home is supported and done right. I can’t even believe this is the same house.

Next step was putting this house back together. We added walls to create the laundry room and bathroom combo, added framing for the kitchen, and added a few necessary soffits so we could hide plumbing behind the cabinets.

For the kitchen, we decided to go with our favorite Kraftmaid Cabinets and they did not disappoint. They arrived on time, only had a few minor issues which were fixed and reshipped to us quickly and we were able to install without issues. I don’t sell Kraftmaid, and we aren’t endorsed or compensated to use them, but we have installed many cabinet brands and these are outstanding.

The walls were painted in one of our favorites Benjamin Moore’s Horizon, but we love Sherwin Williams paint so we used ProMar 200 for the ceiling paint and ProMar 400 for the walls. The trim paint was Sherwin Williams ProClassic in Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace.

We added some decorative beam work to compliment the craftsman style in the kitchen and highlight the area around the large bay windows. We wanted to use a large scale tile to add to the long expanse heading from the back door to the front door drawing your eye to the gorgeous view of the lake. We used the Nova Falls 12 x 24 tile here.

In addition to the kitchen, we also finished the half bathroom and laundry combo. We carried the same color combinations throughout both. Here are some of the photos from those areas.

We had so much fun designing and rebuilding this home. It was a little chaotic given that we were in the middle of a pandemic while trying to finish this project. The homeowner was so gracious during the finishing and we truly enjoyed getting to know her better.

Our family had so much fun skipping rocks at the beach, collecting sea glass and enjoying the beautiful sunsets.

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