Well-bred Brown

Derby day in our house is 2nd to Christmas!! There is a full spread of food, fun and excitement. I always make Kentucky Hot Browns, fried potatoes and fried green tomatoes. It’s become a tradition and battle for whose horse is going to shine the brightest that day.

Due to the derby being changed to September this year, we ended up having the derby while we were working on a half bathroom that had the perfect paint color for the event. Well-bred brown…a color that is rich and pure. When we first saw this bathroom, we couldn’t help but be enamored by the sparkling birds which were covering the walls…but they had to go!!! 😉

A clean slate…time to turn this half bathroom into a gorgeous space.

We started with the drywall repair and primer. The walls were pretty torn up after the wallpaper removal and we needed them to be pretty and flat. So we skim coated much of the walls and then used primer to provide flat coverage. The homeowner chose a wainscott for the lower half of the bathroom so we got the top of the walls painted first.

We finished out the wainscott including the base and chair rail. After installing what the manufacturer claimed was pre finished with white paint, the white was more of a dull white, so we painted it with SW High Reflective White. It brightened it up significantly and was well worth the time.

We added the fixtures which included a suite from Moen. We added some storage behind the toilet, a beautiful mirror and some accessories to make the bathroom more functional.

This remodel turned out exactly like the race…perfectly!! And…my horse pick won the Derby!! 🎉🎉

A little behind then scene picture for you!!! 😉

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