The WHOLE house

Some houses that we walk into it feels like we’ve seen them a thousand times. The builders in this area had no creativity and used the same plans to replicate the same house over and over again. So when we get to work on projects where the homeowners want to change the home design, we get very excited.

This house is in a perfect location in the village. From the outside it looks like every other cape house, however the homeowners made some upgrades throughout the years that changed the footprint and created huge opportunities for this remodel.

Here are some pictures of this house when we first walked in!!!

Oh my word.

I can not believe how far this house has come. Let’s start on the outside and work our way in.

We started by updating all of the windows to the Andersen 400 series. These windows are fantastic from a performance standpoint as well as design. They have painted wood on the inside and are so much better than vinyl. We changed the size of many of the windows to allow for egress in bedrooms, more natural light and general aesthetic. I also opted to do the clear glass without grids to allow for a clean view outside and the nicer screens that don’t make it feel like you are looking through a gray film. I am so grateful to Adam at Lenco for helping coordinate these windows. They turned out amazing.

Then we updated the exterior of the house with new vinyl siding, gutters and soffits. We utilized a design program to help us make the final color selection for the siding. I highly recommend this process for the extra $75. It’s so much fun to pick alternate colors. Here are a few we considered:

We chose to move forward with the navy blue with white trimmings. Check it out:

I absolutely love this color for an outside of a house. And I can’t promise that mine won’t end up this same color!!! 😉

The homeowner also added a bunch of dirt and seed to the back and front of the house. Then added a new front walkway and steps with railings. It makes the house look so welcoming.

We updated both entry doors with craftsman style exterior doors and added full glass Andersen storm doors.

We added a new larger light fixture, painted the mailbox and added a few shutters.

This house also has a side mudroom which creates a great place to hang coats and store shoes. We added shiplap, a few shelves and hooks and for safety a fire extinguisher!!

As if those weren’t enough changes to the exterior we also added a sub panel to the garage to allow for use of tools and equipment and painted the interior of the garage to brighten it up.

We also added a whole house air conditioner and due to the snow in the area and the likelihood of neighbors or the new residents dumping large amounts of snow into the basement window wells, we also added basement window covers.

The next area we will cover in this post is the basement. Where do I start on this…it was so bad down there. The house sat a while in probate waiting for things with the estate to finalize through the state. So, when we first went in it smelled so bad of mildew I could barely walk the engineers through. It had divider walls everywhere made up of those laminated wall panels that were so popular in the 70s. So the demo crew went to town and removed everything!! Then we updated the windows, updated the electrical panel to a 200 amp service, put in a new utility sink with faucet, painted the whole basement with Drylock, updated the appliances with a new Maytag washer and dryer, painted the floor and walls and added pegboard for storage. These upgrades created a huge expansive basement that they can use for storage or a workout room.

Moving to the 1st and second floors, this is where we made the most significant changes. We wanted to open up the space on both sides, therefore a couple of walls had to be removed. The wall between the kitchen and living room and the wall between the two lower level bedrooms. Thanks to our engineers and ‘steel’ they put together the perfect plans that would allow us to have no showing beams in the rooms.

Taking down the walls is the easy part, but when you have a 16’ I beam with 2×8 shoved into the sides it’s a little tricky to get into place. Since we don’t have bodybuilders working with us, we have to be creative on how we get breaks from holding it. 😉 Good news…both beams went up without issue and now we have a huge open kitchen and living room and a large master bedroom.

We updated all of the electrical, plumbing and HVAC in the house. Which means every line and every mechanical in the home is brought up to current code and is like a brand new house.

Something that is very common in this age of house is that there is no insulation in the walls. That was true of this house as well. So we added blown in insulation in any exterior walls that were closed and put in rolled insulation on any exposed walls. When everything was demoed out the wind would just blow through the house. As soon as we got this step completed, this house was so warm and comfortable.

And just like that, this house is ready to be put back together!!

Drywall, as soon as the drywall starts going up, it starts to look like a house again. It’s a mess…a total disaster. Drywall dust gets everywhere. But it is one of the most rewarding parts of a project to see the walls in place.

Next is paint! We picked SW Light French Gray to run everywhere except in the bathrooms. It is just the right tone of gray to highlight all of the other fixtures we selected for the house.

The first floor bathroom we painted Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

The second floor bathroom we painted Sherwin Williams Copen blue.

Then we moved on to the floors, refinishing the upstairs original floors. We had some patching to do and a bit of hole filling, but overall the floors were in pretty good shape.

Picking a color is always the hardest part, so we like to make it a little easier by providing a bunch of options!! It turned out pretty amazing.

We refinished the stairs and painted the risers and railings to provide a clean look.

Next we put in the kitchen cabinets. These were Kraftmaid cabinets and they turned out perfectly from the custom microwave shelf to the bench seating. They are the perfect fit for the open kitchen and allow for a lot of storage.

Next was the first floor flooring, base and trim. We put in a beautiful Pergo Flooring that has variant coloring and added a craftsman style casing and base.

We set lights, completed remaining electrical, added doors, curtain rods and fixtures and the rooms are all completed. They are so spacious and they turned out absolutely gorgeous.

Upstairs bedroom 1

Upstairs bedroom 2

Upstairs hallway

Stairs and front hall closet

First floor bedroom

Once the rooms were all completed we finished up the kitchen. Added a beautiful hand painted subway tile and dark grout, added appliances and all the finishing touches. I absolutely love the glass ball pendant lights. They look adorable in the space.

I absolutely love the Kraus sinks. Whenever we have to put in stainless sinks this is always my choice. They are strong and look beautiful. For this house we also used the Kraus Bolden faucet. It has a sprayer option integrated into and has a good reach on the arm.

One of my favorite things about Kraftmaid cabinets is the cutlery drawer. It makes it so convenient to keep your utensils organized.

This open floor plan adds so much room to the living room and creates a comfortable entertaining space.

This brings me to the last two areas of the house…the bathrooms. The 2nd floor bathroom included all new fixtures except we kept the existing tub and were able to make modifications to the linen closet. We added matte black fixtures with a more artful style and added a beautiful medicine cabinet for extra storage.

The last bathroom is the first floor master bath. We updated the entire bathroom. Added a large soaking tub and created a shower area that is light and bright. This bathroom has a high wainscot, hexagon marble tile and is probably my favorite room in the house.

This was a long process due to the amount of work completed, but it was well worth the wait. The project turned out absolutely gorgeous and it appraised for $50k more than what we went into the project thinking it would be valued at post construction. 🎉

The homeowners are keeping the house and will use it as a rental and after being listed for about 1 day they had multiple offers for people to rent it.

This was a fun project to work on and we are excited to see people enjoying this home and all of our hard work.

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