Copen Blue Bathroom

Sometimes you have to see something in person to know it’s what you want. This is exactly what happened for the next bathroom project. We had just finished a bathroom remodel and after sharing some pictures online the homeowners of this next bath remodel fell in love with the look.

So, we went to work trying to create a similar feel in their bathroom. Check out the before pictures of this magnificent bright green wallpaper!!! 😉

We saved the bathtub, because it’s in excellent condition and has these amazing built in shelves and the toilet because it was in good condition. But everything else is new. We ripped out the old plaster, added brand new plumbing, new exhaust fan and new electrical.

We added new drywall, finished out the walls which were painted SW Copen Blue. Then we started laying some tile.

I just love these black slate floors. They look gorgeous in a bathroom. Next we finished out the tile in the shower and installed the fixtures.

Chris had his hands full with this slanted ceiling. He had to get very creative to get this to work out, and my word…it turned out awesome.

There is a perfect nook over the toilet for some floating shelves with beautiful decor and storage.

The medicine cabinet over the sink has excellent storage for toiletries and it even has mirrors on the inside for ease of use.

This bathroom is such a transformation from the bright green wallpaper. Now the shower area is completely waterproof and very functional for use without worry about water issues.

We were so glad to have worked with our very dear friends on this project. From start to finish it was a wonderful collaboration and that is reflective on the finished product.

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