Gray Bathroom

The world gets smaller everyday! But when it does, the new people you get to meet make it well worth it. This project is exactly that! One of the very first clients 1 Great Space Construction had while in Springfield, MO was a woman who grew up in Hamburg, NY.  What are the odds of that? So when we relocated last year to the Buffalo area and she heard her brother was having issues with getting their project completed, she put them in touch with us.

They had a bathroom that had been worked on by a previous contractor who they weren’t pleased with, so it had been sitting for several months untouched. First, we needed to complete the drywall repair and then begin putting the bathroom back together.

Sheet Vinyl.JPG

We installed sheet vinyl flooring which had a pattern like long gray tile. Sheet vinyl has really come a long way in looks and performance over the years.


We added a new acrylic tub/shower with surround which added more storage shelves for shower soaps.

Granite countertop.JPG

The homeowner selected this gorgeous dark vanity with granite countertop that we installed.


They also wanted to replace an old window with a new vinyl window to complete this beautiful bathroom upgrade.

We are so grateful that our Springfield and Hamburg worlds collided with this project and to be a part of a new extended family in town.



Shed Addition

I can’t believe it’s already fall. How did that happen? No, seriously…how? Seems like time gets faster and faster every year!

With pumpkin spice in the air and Christmas in the stores, I realized there have been many projects that we’ve worked on this year that I haven’t shared with you yet. Of course, we are still working on our own home renovations, and those updates will be coming soon. However, I’m going to try and get caught up in the next few weeks by recapping some of the awesome projects we’ve worked on for our customers this year.

To get started, I wanted to share an outdoor project that we worked on in the spring.

Our customer needed help with a shed addition. They had previously poured the concrete pad, so we had to tie-in to the existing structure and build out the new space. This addition allowed for quick access to the riding mower and much more storage.

IMG_5548 2

The best part of all our projects isn’t necessarily the structures we build, or the new designs we bring to life, but it’s the relationships that are built along the way. We are so grateful to our customers and even more excited that we have a new set of friends who we can enjoy this life with.

IMG_5549 2

You don’t often get to see Chris wearing non-work clothes, so I thought I’d provide a little sneak peak of Chris playing giant Jenga at a Summer Bash at this customers house. What a fun evening!


New Sliding Window

So…the house we bought had an original 50s picture window in the kitchen. One word…freezing. It was such a drafty window and was not energy efficient at all. Since we knew we would be replacing it as part of the kitchen remodel Chris wanted to tackle that first. Conveniently on the very coldest day of the year was the day he chose! Seriously!!!

He removed the large picture window and then had to reframe the new window area because we replaced it with a smaller over the sink window.

It was so so cold in the kitchen so we hung drop clothes in the walkway from the living room to the kitchen and managed to keep the rest of the house warm. Miracle!!

The new window is perfect for when we relocate the new sink. We chose a Silver Line by Andersen vinyl sliding window so it would be easier to open and close. We wanted to create a large picture frame around the new window which will match the new exterior plans we have for the home. We utilized Azek traditional trim boards to achieve this look.

I totally love this window! And then…real life happened…and a BB bullet went through the exterior pane of glass this summer. Lucky for me I know a guy who can replace the window! 😉

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We are not paid or compensated by manufacturers to promote their products. These are real life accounts of our personal and professional usage of their products.

The Appliance Whisperer

Thankfully, our basement is still unfinished due to the flooding we experienced a few months ago, so when water started pouring out of the washing machine it didn’t damage anything. After taking a look at it, Chris told me to just call an appliance repair person because he doesn’t know anything about fixing appliances. So, I looked online for a few people to call. After learning that the cost is $80 an hour for a service call I did what any self-respecting person in the middle of a remodel would do – I took that washing machine apart myself to find the leak!!

After opening the washing machine I was able to locate the area that was leaking. It was the water inlet for the pre-wash. (Which I only learned because I looked the part up at LG online!! Also, I might add, I have never looked inside a washing machine before and they really aren’t as complex as I thought.)


Once I found the leak I had Chris confirm my findings and then we tried to locate a new part. After calling an appliance part supplier locally they told me the part was $60. So, I continued to search online and found the exact part I needed on Amazon for $17.95, plus shipping it was under $25 with 2 day shipping.


When the mail came today I opened up the part and started installing it. The trickiest part was moving the clamps around the hoses, but with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver the install was simple. I was able to loosen the clamps, and attach the hoses to the new valves, I inserted the fuse plugs, and reattached the water. It took me about 10 minutes to get the new part in. I ran a load of wash with everything open to ensure it was water tight and after it finished I put it all back together.

DIY washing machine leak fixed! Now on to washing the pile of laundry.


Water…the death of houses

There is so much excitement around buying a house. From the moment we walked through the door during the first walk-through we started dreaming of what it would be like to live there. Could we see the kids running through the house, playing games on the floor, or eating ice cream in the backyard? Then once the offer was accepted, everything changed. Reality set in which included inspections, appraisals, evaluations, paperwork…so much paperwork, and coordinating moving our stuff out of storage. Then that glorious closing day came and after A LOT of paperwork, we got the keys. Keys we’ve been dreaming about for 3 months.

Within an hour of signing the papers, we walked into our house…and did the traditional run through it yelling ‘yahoooooo’!  Then…we went to the basement and noticed that there was water on the carpet in the fully finished basement. I felt horrible knots in my stomach and then we frantically tried to figure out where the water was coming from, how much, how long, and what’s the damage on this house that was purchased less than 60 minutes ago.


Next the remorse questions start…why didn’t we buy the newer house? Why didn’t we make the homeowners remove all their stuff before we did the final walk-through? Why didn’t we catch this? Why…Why…Why?! Is having a home with character really worth all this trouble? Goodness, I hope so, because now we are committed to remodeling the ENTIRE house. NOT in the plan! Lucky for us we do this for a living otherwise this could have been disastrous.

Now we’ve got some work to do.

Step one…move in our stuff 4 days before Christmas. So excited to at least be in our home before Christmas.


Step two…demo the basement. It was a sad day when we ripped up the floors and walls in the basement.  It went from a warm living room to a concrete basement in just hours. We utilized Seifert Cleaning and Restoration to spray for mold. If you ever need to use a service like this definitely use these guys.

The basement is so…so…sad, but at least we have the water contained, know how to fix it, and will be tackling that in the summer.

Step three…pull off the most amazing Christmas ever! All the kids asked for this year was their rooms to be completed. A year long transition is exhausting, even for kids. So, we worked day and night to make this happen for them. Luckily we had already designed the house, made color selections and bought the paint before moving in.


The first room was painted Sherwin Williams Vast Sky, trim and doors were painted Sherwin Williams High Reflective White and the ceiling an Ultra White. We caulked in the baseboards and reattached the vents to complete this room.


The second room was painted in Benjamin Moore Cotton Candy, the trim and doors were painted Sherwin Williams High Reflective White and the ceiling an Ultra White. We replaced the old ceiling fan with a crystal light fixture, caulked in the baseboards and reattached the vents to complete this room. We made it. There were moments of tiredness when we thought it wouldn’t be possible, but in the final minutes it all came together.


Step four…get a Christmas tree! We really wanted a real tree and if you can imagine Christmas Eve is pretty slim picking. We found one tree at The Home Depot and it wasn’t even a Charlie Brown tree. To top it off, they gave it to us for FREE!!!  Such a Blessing!

We have a long way to go on this home remodel, but we will be keeping you posted on our progress. Next we will be updating the doors and working on more painting.

Complete Home Transformation

Looking for houses can be very frustrating when you are looking in a market with very little houses for sale. So we were finally down to three options…the older cape, the brand new townhouse or the house with no driveway.  It was time to make a decision, but we still had remodeling work to finish up for our clients in Missouri.

Phase 3 of the remodel began with an extensive amount of demo on the first floor. We removed all of the flooring, an entire wall that was previously separating the kitchen from the living room, removed the kitchen cabinets, appliances and carpets on stairs. So you could get a snapshot of what a job site looks like during demo I took a little video.

Once everything was removed, it was time to start rebuilding. The biggest modification was the new beam which was necessary to hold up the house. We hired an engineer to evaluate the home and provide recommendations that needed to be completed to ensure the home was safe. Two 26′, 18″ beams, a steel plate, concrete pad, blocks and a lot of muscle later…and the house was ready.

The kitchen was getting a completely new set up so we had to run new electrical and plumbing, move the HVAC and remediate some water damage that was found during demo. Once this was complete we could start working on ceiling and drywall repair.


Nearly every inch of the house was being repainted so this process took some time.  The main walls were Benjamin Moore Seapearl, and the stairs, trim and doors were Sherwin Williams High Reflective White  the dining room was Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, and the Master Bedroom was Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.

We also updated all the windows and doors to the Marvin Direct Glaze, Contemporary Casements and doors. The interior and exterior of the windows were black and we used two horizontal grills to split the windows in thirds. The  main entry into the house was a french door that opened from both sides and had a large window above it.


Cabinets were custom through Cabinet Concepts by Design and were absolutely gorgeous. The mix of white and wood veneer finish gave this open air kitchen a traditional yet modern feel.


We continued the use of the Absolute Black granite countertops from the previously updated laundry/mudroom however, instead of the polished finish, we switched it up and did a honed finish.



The backsplash color used was the same color as was used in the previously updated half bathroom and was Grecian White Marble subway tile with Silverado grout.

In the hearth room, dining room and master bedroom, we incorporated a custom made wainscott. We also replaced all baseboard in the house with new, painted the staircase white, and changed out the stair spindles to new square black spindles.


We also added a beam veneer where the old wall used to be to add a bit of separation to the open concept.

Additional items updated include all new electrical switches and outlets, all new lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.

This house was a complete transformation and the end product was so bright and airy. The designer (Erica Praschan), homeowners and complete crew did an amazing job and the final product is a beautiful open air dream space.


Now that this project is finally complete, it is time to get back to the big move! After much deliberation on which house to purchase, we placed another offer on the initial house we saw, the older cape that needed a bunch of work, and the homeowners accepted. We couldn’t be more excited to start picking out materials for our home and giving it a totally new look! Meanwhile, this is the new view we drive past everyday.



House Hunting

If only searching for houses was as easy as watching House Hunters, where there are only three houses that somewhat meet your criteria to choose from, but reality is much more difficult. We chose quite possibly the worst time of year to buy a house, Fall/Winter. Not only was the supply of homes in the area we wanted slim picking, but the house prices were inflated to the point where we had doubts that the home would appraise for what the homeowners were asking.

After much searching through online portals, we narrowed to a house we thought would be great for our family. The first house we went through we saw some pretty glaring issues, but considering what was out there, we decided to place an offer. After a bit of negotiating, the contract was signed and now we had to wait to see if this house was going to pass inspection.

The inspection came back with quite a few issues that we decided could cause some long-term problems, so we opted to decline the contract and go back to looking for other houses.


While we were having a blast (mild sarcasm) with house hunting, there was still remodeling to be done! Phase 2 of the large project we were working on was the laundry/mudroom upgrade. We had custom cabinets built along the laundry wall and stacked the washer and dryer to allow for more space. The area on the interior wall side was built so that it could be expanded once we started on Phase 3.

Absolute Black Granite, Custom Cabinets, Chevron marble tile


Near the entry door we added locker storage which created a bench area as well. The cabinet color is High-Reflective White with Chrome handles.


The floor is a 12 x 24 natural marble with Silverado grout.


The granite countertop and bench in lockers are absolute black and the backsplash is a marble herringbone. To add to the functionality of the laundry room, an undermount stainless steel sink and high arch faucet from Moen were included.


The wall color is Benjamin Moore Seapearl with Sherwin Williams High Reflective White moulding. We incorporated dimmable undercabinet lighting and added dimmable can LED lights to the ceiling.

The Laundry/Mudroom Upgrade that was completed turned out perfect and the finishes selected by the designer were amazing.

An update on the house hunting:

After raising our budget a bit, we ended up going through over 20 houses on our search. Geez, there were some doozies, and soooo many cat houses out there. If I learned anything from house searching, it’s that you should never have a cat in your home. Sorry cat lovers, but nothing ruins a home sale more than the nasty smell of cats. There were some houses that were in bad shape, asking more than any other house on the street. It begs the question, what are these people thinking? And why aren’t their realtors talking sense into them? There were at least 5 houses we never even walked past the front door, just bad!

We finally narrowed to a few options, option 1 go back to the original house we put an offer in on with a much lower offer, option 2 build a brand new townhouse with HOA fees that were way too high, or option 3 make an offer on a gorgeous like new house with no driveway or yard.

Remodeling through the move

Relocating is never easy, but when you’re moving to a new state that’s 1,000 miles away there are bound to be bumps in the road.

We still had a large project, with three phases that started in January, and phase 3 needed to be finished while I had to be in NY for my new job, so we had to divide and conquer.

It was not easy leaving Chris temporarily behind. Being a single parent is unbelievably hard. There were days when there were tears…lots of tears, and then there were days that were ok. When an important piece of your life is missing it just feels strange.

The project he was finishing up was a whole house remodel, from floor to ceiling. The homeowners worked with a designer to create their dream house and it turned out gorgeous.

Phase 1 that was completed back in February was the half bath upgrade. They selected a dark wall color (Benjamin Moore – Raccoon Fur) with (Sherwin Williams – High Reflective White) for the crown moulding.

Benjamin Moore raccoon fur paint

The new fixtures included a modern floating sink with all chrome plumbing fixtures, and a new one-piece toilet.

Toto Aquia one-piece toilet

The floor was a Grecian white marble hexagon tile, Silverado grout with 4″ marble baseboard.

Grecian white hexagon marble tile

The mirror had an integrated LED light and we changed the overhead fixture to a can/fan combo.

Half bath modern upgradeLed integrated mirror

This is the first of three posts on this project. Keep checking back to see the full home remodel, you won’t want to miss this one.

Remodeling Life

We have been considering relocating for about 2 years and finally made the decision that we were going to make the move if we found the right opportunity. So, we sold our house, moved our stuff into storage and waited for the right opportunity. (That’s how it always is, isn’t it!!) Meanwhile, we still had some amazing projects to work on in Springfield.

The next home we worked on with our designer friend at A Well Ordered Home. This project involved refinishing the wood floors from an old fashioned high gloss fruitwood color, removing a door to open the sunroom up to the rest of the house, putting in new door hardware and updating the trim, door and wall paint throughout the house.

We started by removing the door to the sunroom, found wood to match the old floor at our supplier and placed it where the door previously was to make it seem like it was always there and refinished it with the rest.

The floors were then sanded and in really good shape except a few very small areas that needed some work. We looked at several options for the floor color. We wanted a rich color that would still match with the existing wood on the staircase but different enough that it matched the new style of the home. Nutmeg was the winner!

While the crew was working on staining the floors we were able to get away on our summer vacation up to Buffalo, NY. The kids had so much fun with their cousins, we were refreshed being by the water and we realized that where we started our life together was calling us back. So we started looking at options and evaluating what we would need to make the move.

When we returned to Springfield the floors were finished and absolutely beautiful.

The largest portion of the project was painting every surface of walls, trim and doors throughout the home. We used Sherwin Williams Repose Gray for all walls and Sherwin Williams Alabaster for all the trim and doors.

The last part of the project was rehanging all doors with new Kwikset antique bronze hardware.

What a transformation! This home went from blue walls with yellowed trim and outdated flooring to fresh and new in weeks.

While we wait to see where our NY adventures will take us we will just keep making homes beautiful in Springfield.

Making New Again

The weather can destroy beautiful homes without warning and earlier this year Springfield had flooding that damaged many basements. One home we had the pleasure to help rebuild had the entire fully finished basement destroyed. The homeowners had hired a restoration company and part of their services included removing all of the water damaged areas which means the drywall had been removed around the entire basement up to 20″ from the ground.

The homeowners also wanted to help prevent this from happening again so they hired a company to install a perimeter drain system and sump pump in the basement. Did you know that if you don’t have a sump pump installed in your basement many home insurance policies won’t cover if you have flooding? If you have a basement that is fully completed, it’s something you should look into.

Once the drain installation company had completed we were able to begin rebuilding the basement. We had to build up the studs, as they were cut off during the drain system installation, so we would be able to attach the new drywall. We also divided the bedroom and added a pocket door to create a larger closet and desk area.

As soon as the drywall was finished we were able to get started on painting. The wall paint colors in the basement were satin Loggia in the living room and bathroom and satin Mint Green in the bedroom and for the doors, trim, cabinets and shiplap we used a dirty white semi-gloss.

TIP: When painting, if you want to reduce brush strokes on your trim and doors you can add a little Floetrol to the paint can. It helps to thin out the paint and allow it to flow out a little easier from the brush. I also like to use mini foam rollers when painting expanses like doors, it always gives them the perfect smooth finish.


The flooring in the main living and bedroom area were carpeted with the Southwind Starlight 2 Berber in Mineral Mist, unlike most Berber carpets which incorporate multiple colors in with the grey, this one is only shades of greys.

In the bar and bathroom areas we wanted a tile that had very little movement in the patterning, but not solid colored, so we chose a modern 12″ x 24″ matte finish dark grey tile with a light grout with thin grout lines.

The cabinets in the bar area were made custom to match the upstairs kitchen with a honed granite countertop.

Seeing this space transform from a remediated disaster zone into a beautiful living area makes what we do so exciting. We enjoy helping to make peoples lives easier and being a part of making homes more livable.