New floors and paint

It has been a busy last half of the year. We’ve worked on so many projects and also had some well-deserved quality time off.

The first I’m going to share is from a project that we previously updated the bathroom and kitchen floors earlier this year. Well, now we have replaced the front and back doors, painted the walls and ceiling in the living room, installed new casing and baseboards, and updated the floors to match what we did in the kitchen. You can see the rest of the updates here.

Bathroom minor update

We have officially been in this area for over a year and it’s crazy to think about all the projects we’ve been able to work on already. We are blessed by the wonderful people of Hamburg and the drive by the lake everyday…is like a dream.

This latest project we finished early this year was a total partnership with the homeowner. She wanted to do portions of the project herself and have us help where she wasn’t comfortable. In case you’re wondering, yes, of course we work with people this way!!! This doesn’t happen often, but when people want to get hands-on during their project we make sure they are set up for success, it is after all their home!

During this project we completed some wall shifts and drywall, installed a new window, shower, vanity, and new toilet. Here are some in process images, sadly I didn’t get any true before pictures.

Below are some images showing the new window, shower and toilet. These are not quite the finished images…but our picture taking on this project was a little lacking. I promise we will do better on the next one!

New Sliding Door

Natural light in a home is very important. If you can do something as simple as replacing a door to add more light, it’s a no brainer. This homeowner wanted to remove a single patio door and replace it with a larger sliding patio door to provide more light in their kitchen.


The major part of this project was increasing the structural strength of the exterior load-bearing wall to have a span wide enough to accept the new 6′ door.



We also had to salvage the exterior siding to make it look like the door was always on the home.


IMG_6766.jpgThe homeowner chose the Jeld-wen sliding door with the prairie grid pattern which is the perfect accent to this patio.

Shed Addition

I can’t believe it’s already fall. How did that happen? No, seriously…how? Seems like time gets faster and faster every year!

With pumpkin spice in the air and Christmas in the stores, I realized there have been many projects that we’ve worked on this year that I haven’t shared with you yet. Of course, we are still working on our own home renovations, and those updates will be coming soon. However, I’m going to try and get caught up in the next few weeks by recapping some of the awesome projects we’ve worked on for our customers this year.

To get started, I wanted to share an outdoor project that we worked on in the spring.

Our customer needed help with a shed addition. They had previously poured the concrete pad, so we had to tie-in to the existing structure and build out the new space. This addition allowed for quick access to the riding mower and much more storage.

IMG_5548 2

The best part of all our projects isn’t necessarily the structures we build, or the new designs we bring to life, but it’s the relationships that are built along the way. We are so grateful to our customers and even more excited that we have a new set of friends who we can enjoy this life with.

IMG_5549 2

You don’t often get to see Chris wearing non-work clothes, so I thought I’d provide a little sneak peak of Chris playing giant Jenga at a Summer Bash at this customers house. What a fun evening!


The Appliance Whisperer

Thankfully, our basement is still unfinished due to the flooding we experienced a few months ago, so when water started pouring out of the washing machine it didn’t damage anything. After taking a look at it, Chris told me to just call an appliance repair person because he doesn’t know anything about fixing appliances. So, I looked online for a few people to call. After learning that the cost is $80 an hour for a service call I did what any self-respecting person in the middle of a remodel would do – I took that washing machine apart myself to find the leak!!

After opening the washing machine I was able to locate the area that was leaking. It was the water inlet for the pre-wash. (Which I only learned because I looked the part up at LG online!! Also, I might add, I have never looked inside a washing machine before and they really aren’t as complex as I thought.)


Once I found the leak I had Chris confirm my findings and then we tried to locate a new part. After calling an appliance part supplier locally they told me the part was $60. So, I continued to search online and found the exact part I needed on Amazon for $17.95, plus shipping it was under $25 with 2 day shipping.


When the mail came today I opened up the part and started installing it. The trickiest part was moving the clamps around the hoses, but with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver the install was simple. I was able to loosen the clamps, and attach the hoses to the new valves, I inserted the fuse plugs, and reattached the water. It took me about 10 minutes to get the new part in. I ran a load of wash with everything open to ensure it was water tight and after it finished I put it all back together.

DIY washing machine leak fixed! Now on to washing the pile of laundry.


Sometimes it’s just a toilet

Sometimes we take on handyman projects to help people out when they are unable to get to items on their honey-do lists. They range from simple installs to organizers or just making their life more comfortable. We enjoy taking care of our customers from large remodels to easy installs. Below are a few simple items that we updated for people over the years.

Here we installed a new toilet and taught the homeowner how to best approach toilet installs. Now they can tackle a toilet install if they need to in the future.


This project involved hanging garage organizers to help get things off the ground for a customer. As I mentioned, some items are pretty simple but necessary.


This next project we added a TV to the bathroom and incorporated a ground outlet for a middle of the room light fixture.

Often there is an empty space in your home that would be better suited with a little change. This area was tucked behind a door so we added a hanging light and built a custom desk to fit the space which turned it into the perfect craft area.


Another client needed a back row of fence put in at one of their rental properties. Below is a pretty simple fence install.

This is a project made just for me. It was made using some scrap wood left over from projects and it turned out perfect for my flower pots.

10615560_853187514746892_351824421285141564_n (1)

The final project I’m going to showcase is a wood refinishing project. As we helped prep a home for sale this is one of the items on their punch list to get completed.  We sanded, patched and stained the garage stairs.