New Sliding Door

Natural light in a home is very important. If you can do something as simple as replacing a door to add more light, it's a no brainer. This homeowner wanted to remove a single patio door and replace it with a larger sliding patio door to provide more light in their kitchen. The major part... Continue Reading →

Bringing the outside in

Increasing the indoor living space is a common issue homeowners face. After this home was purchased the homeowners determined that the existing outdoor living area would be better served as a living room and after some evaluation it was pretty easy to accommodate that request. After going through the HOA for approvals and getting necessary permits... Continue Reading →

It had to start somewhere

When you're first starting a business it's always stressful to think about where your next project will come from. And honestly even now after over 4 years of running this business I still wonder some months where the next project will come from. It's not easy. Sometimes it's pretty stressful. But it always works out exactly how... Continue Reading →

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